Welcome to Rush Lake
Property Owners Association

Our Association encompasses the subdivisions surrounding Rush Lake and is comprised of 544 separate properties. The Association was founded in 1956 with the boundaries being established in 1965 with the Moon Shadows subdivision being added at a later date. The Association has been active since the beginning and remains so today.

The purpose of the Rush Lake Property Owners Association is to protect the rights and liberties of all property owners of the corporation. It provides a Governing Board of Trustees, to insure proper maintenance and upkeep of all roads, parks, swimming and boating areas within the boundaries of the Corporation.

Aerial View of Rush Lake

Rush Lake is a 140 acre natural kettle lake located in Hamburg Township, Livingston County. The maximum depth is 14 feet with a mean depth of 5.2 feet and contains 723 acre feet of water. The shoreline length is 22112 feet, which includes several canals. The watershed area is 514 acres. The lake flushes about once every 1.4 years. The lake is 877 feet above sea level